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Album "Шёпот за спиной" (Whispers behind) released



Album "Шёпот за спиной" (Whispers behind) is now released on and BandCamp

Album "Танец крови" (Dance of blood) released



Album "Танец крови" is now released on and Soundcloud

Recording of the album goes like steam train

Our creativity does not stand still. The recording of the album is moving towards its completion at a fast pace.
We present to your attention a small excerpt of the song "На перепутье" (Crossroads).

Rehearsal and album recording

Rehearsing and recording the new album in full swing. The working title is "Танец крови" (Dance of blood).
Video from one of the rehearsals on...

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Return to Achinsk

After two and a half years of wandering and trying to recreate the group in St. Petersburg, we returned to Achinsk.
Stanislav Toloknov returns to the collective.
Recording of the album will continue here.

New album demo

Here is a demo recording of one of the songs from the upcoming album.
Name of track "Прозрение" (The insight)
The final version will be slightly different sound and, of course, vocals.

Explore possible directly on our website.

Happy 25th anniversary Nikolay Saulevich!


Happy 25th anniversary Nikolay Saulevich! We wish you personal and creative success!

Moving to St.Petersburg

So, moving groups of Achinsk in St. Petersburg almost finished. As mentioned earlier, the group does not cease to exist due to the change of residence. Work on the next album is in full swing, and is nearing completion.

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Group suspends activities

After participating in the festival Show no Mercy group suspends its concert activity and goes to the type of one man band in the face of Nikolay Saulevich.

This is due to the relocation of Nikolay in St. Petersburg in the autumn of 2014. There will be recruited new staff of the group and its activities will resume on all fronts. In the meantime, continues to work on his next full-length album.

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