History of creating:

The history of group creating began in 2006, when N.Saulevich arrived to university. Spring 2007 he and his fellow student Victor Nerobov tried to create group. The place for rehearsals was given by university. Then another fellow student Artem Marushak and mutual friend Michael Volineic joined them. The existence of group was limited only by rehearsals. Group hadn’t even name. In the end, after some weeks of existence of group, they were expelled for smoking in university.

N.Saulevich, V.Nerobov, A.Marushak, M.Volineic

Next try of group creating was made by Nikolay in 2010. Before that he met Aleksey Mihaylov. The place for rehearsals was given by university again. To group joined Nikolay’s fellow student Vitaly Chaus (vocal), accidently found bass guitar player Maksim Muhin and Nikolay’s friend Evgeny Bashkin (guitar). Nikolay played guitar. But that time Aleksey didn’t think about vocal yet, he was drummer. That looked like full group. But they again couldn’t take a name for group, and they were expelled for noise. But what was expected of the university administrators, when given to group of people, which playing metal, room and 1 kW of equipment? It seems peaceful gatherings. In general, unnamed and unknown group was disbanded.

A.Mihaylov, V.Chaus, M.Muhin, E.Bashkin

There was break for 2011. In february 2011 there was acoustic festival. For taking a part in it Nikolay, Aleksey and good friend Irina Garipova organized a one-day group. This time Aleksey played guitar, Nikolay played guitar and sang, Irina sang. Sergey Sokolov with his group took a part in same festival. At that day they didn’t talk. But later Sergey online invited Nikolay to group. More later Aleksey joined to group as a vocalist. The group was full, but there were strong conflict of interests. Group was names Astarta, later it was renames Infernus Nobis by Nikolay’s idea. By this lineup group took part in several festivals. Then, February 2012 group was disbanded by misunderstood reasons.

A.Mihaylov, I.Garipova, N.Saulevich

S.Sokolov at left

In march 2012 Nikolay began to think about solo recording of his own songs. At time of know of this Sergey and Aleksey joined him. In april 2012 they recorded demos of existed songs. In may 2012 they took part in festival with old name of group. Ex-drummer was angry. There was big scandal because of name of group. As a result, group was renamed Infernus Novas.


From the moment of creation group took a part in few festivals. With their friends, groups Eligorium and Disguster they organize festival Death Fucktor and take a part in it. At summer time they all organize Death Fucktor Open Air. Here you can see the list of events in which group took a part and upcoming events.

At autumn 2012, the group took part in the recording of the collection "Tribute to Soviet Trash" on the label Зомби Records.

In December 2012 group began recording of their first studio album. Album was released in march 2013.

In May 2013 Aleksey Mikhailov left the band. Stanislav Toloknov replaced him. After 2 weeks of rehearsals, they were reinforced by Funeral Spring fest in DEPO in the new structure. After that, the band began work on the EP "Долби в кулак" ("Peck in a fist").

In July 2013 the band recorded EP "Peck in a fist." It was conceived as a joke, and the theme songs for the group suggested friends.

Work began on the second album.

In September 2013, Sergey Sokolov left the band. At the festival Funeral summer fest in DEPO Andrew Teslya replaced him temporarily. In October at the youth project "New fairway" Ivan Yurchenko acted as the second guitarist.

In November Nikolay and Stanislav recorded the single "Condemnation" as a harbinger of the new album. Also single contained new versions of songs from the album "Sandy hell". At the same time, the group were joined by guitarist Aleksey Sharabayko.

In December 2013 - January 2014 The band takes part in two festivals.

In February 2014 the group added bassist Roman Ponomarenko.

In March and April in the new structure the group is involved in two festivals. After the April Festival Show no Mercy Nikolay decided to dissolve the composition of the group because of his move from Achinsk in St. Petersburg.

The life of the group in St. Petersburg turned out to be not as active as one would have liked. During the time spent there, the lyrics were written for the next album. After meeting with free musicians and several attempts to put together a team in March 2017, Nikolai returned to Achinsk. Stanislav Toloknov returns to his usual role. In June, the group performs at the festival dedicated to the youth day. The second guitarist at this performance was Nikita Sholomitsky.

In 2018, the group performs at the already traditional rock festival "Mega-Drive" and RockMania2 with bassist Daniil Armushko. In the summer of 2018, the recording of the "Blood Dance" album begins. The group is joined by guitarist Roman Rysev.

During the recording process, in the winter of 2019, due to creative disagreements, Stanislav Toloknov leaves the group.

In August 2020, the album "Dance of Blood" was published. All guitar parts were recorded by Nikolay. The leader and guitarist of the Achinsk group Murena Vladimir Gorbachevsky also took part in the recording, recording a solo for two songs.

To be continued ...

The group:

Saulevich Nikolay - guitar, vocals, drums programming, bass guitar in studio


Toloknov Stanislav - vocals

Sharabayko Aleksey - guitar

Ponomarenko Roman - bass guitar

Mihaylov Aleksey - vocal

Sokolov Sergey - guitar

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