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A tribute to Soviet thrash metal finally will see the light

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Compilation A tribute to Soviet thrash metal will be published in February 2014 on the label Зомби Records.

About one and half years ago was the beginning of the project. Infernus Novas also took part in it. And finally, the compilation will be issued in the memory of what did not return, and that still pleases the ears of Metalheads of all ages.

List of participants and tracks:

01.Violent Omen - Мастер (МАСТЕР)
02.Blood Pollution - Джокер (E.S.T)
03.Astarium - Русский лётчик (Д.И.В.)
04.Eligorium - В шторме викинг и меч (КОРРОЗИЯ МЕТАЛЛА)
05.Elektrum - Trespass (ШАХ)
06.Rewind - Radioactive Contemination (TRASHMACHINE)
07.Flames of Renaissance - Щит и Меч (МАСТЕР)
08.Kvinta - Crazy House (КОРРОЗИЯ МЕТАЛЛА)
09.Infernus Novas - Save the human race (ШАХ)
10.Peritonit Vs Set - Берегись (МАСТЕР)
11.Тиран - Железный рок (КРУИЗ)
12.Etna - Фантом (КОРРОЗИЯ МЕТАЛЛА)

Musicians of Infernus Novas since records have changed, but the record still original. On vocal Alexey Mihailov. Sergey Sokolov, unfortunately, was unable to take part in the recording of this track, so the guitars were recorded by Nicholay Saulevich.

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